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Cheese from a tasty town

When you take a bite of our fresh goat milk cheese, you bite into a hundred years of dairy farming. You taste the grasses in our pasture, the milk of our alpine goats, the salt breeze of our California coastal town. Even if all you taste is a fresh, mildly tangy cheese, be assured that experts taste all the above!

We are the proud owners of over thirty national ribbons from the American Cheese Society, and two world medals. We could not do this without our effort to farm sustainably, the consistent dedication of our staff, and the support of our local community.

The Farm Never Stops
Our milking staff arrive at five-thirty in the morning, and the cheesemakers and office staff at eight o'clock. The warm milk is pasteurized in the dairy by one of our three staff with pasteurization licenses. The cheesemakers add culture and vegetable rennet, and the milk curdles overnight. The curds then drain for another day in cheesecloth bags.

Chevre drains for longer than fromage blanc, and therefore contains less whey. We salt and cool the cheeses before packing them into our molds and adding herbs, spices or flowers.

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