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Sin Bin
"You know that we know that you know..."

That you and the kids tasted your way around our shop like ravenous milking goats, because you missed lunch earlier? Our Sin Bucket on the shop counter is for you. Last year we gratefully collected $1000 in donations from farm visitors, and all this money went to Pescadero's South Coast Children's Services.


Pescadero is a vibrant and resilient rural community. We are especially  lucky in the many residents who see themselves as having a role in supporting the community as a whole. South Coast Children's Services was founded in 1977 by just such generous and modest individuals. SCCS creates programs, excursions and classes for and with local young people, such as Model United Nations, summer camps, art and sewing classes, field trips to local businesses, and fishing and snowboarding trips. The kids are involved at every level, honing their leadership and strategic planning skills on the Board and in fundraising drives. Older kids coach younger kids. Young people are employed full-time at SCCS's main fundraiser, Pescadero Thrift Shop, and lead the Model UN and Youth & Government programs.

If you are a summer visitor to Pescadero, you may have admired the SCCS Fashion Show at the town's Art and Fun Fair on the third weekend of August. All farm staff must participate in this low-key, very chic event. 


Helping people with developmental disabilities to live and participate in their communities

That's the mission of California's HOPE Services. South Coast Children's Services introduced us to the local HOPE organization, and the farm is proud to know and indebted to our part-time employees with disabilities. A kind grant from the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation enables us to support, among other projects, our staff from HOPE in small, practical ways.



Puente and the Pescadero Foundation
*"A child belongs not to one parent or home"*

SCCS is the oldest community organization in town. We also have Puente de la Costa Sur, who provide food, transportation, shelter referrals, housing assistance, advocacy, and health, literacy, and education services for locals in need. Puente's ten years of support and social gatherings for our isolated community of farm workers are hugely appreciated.


The Pescadero Foundation is the umbrella for eleven groups or projects in town. They include the South Coast Artists' Alliance, whose immensely popular art show opens the Art and Fun Fair every year, the on-demand local bus service, which brings families without cars to weekly social gatherings hosted by Puente and may be booked for hospital, airport, city or shopping trips, an Affordable Housing initiative, a college fund for all 2012 Pescadero High School graduates, the local history project, the local publishing house, the school food program, and an emergency response committee.

It is the energy and foresight of these community groups that makes the isolated rural communities of Pescadero and the South Coast such a supportive environment for our young people. When you give a small donation to our Sin Bucket, you help us strengthen the web of community for every child and every family here in Pescadero. Thank you.

Finally, congratulations to Pescadero High School 2011 graduate Humberto Perez, now a full-time student with a local job - and a seat on the local School Board. Humberto was active in South Coast Children's Services as a younger student, and we salute him for his achievement in this community.


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