How to use FarmPaint


Can I use FarmPaint on everything?

FarmPaint is a milk emulsion paint. It is superb on raw wood. It works well on fresh plasterboard and on top of latex paint. It's ideal for old furniture. We've used FarmPaint on interior and exterior walls and floors, on wooden and metal interior and garden furniture, and on terracotta and concrete garden pots.

Warning - paint on surfaces that are vulnerable to temperature changes, such as horizontal surfaces exposed to dew and high heat, or - to a lesser extent - bathroom and kitchen walls, will deteriorate faster than paint on less vulnerable areas. Expect to re-paint your bathroom in three or so years to reagain the freshly painted appearance.

Before you start, use a sample pot and experiment with the finish that you would like. Milk emulsion will not achieve the uniform coverage of latex paints.

How do I prepare the surface I'm going to paint?

Sanding and priming are not necessary. Apply FarmPaint directly to fresh plasterboard or previously painted surfaces. Certain primers may even hinder paint application, since Farmpaint contains natural oils that may not attach well to primed surfaces. However, like any other painting project, sanding and/or priming will be helpful on high-gloss surfaces (suggest sanding) or surfaces of uneven color or painted in a darker color than your new choice (suggest priming). Consider a tinted primer for improved ultimate depth of color, especially with our red color. There are commercially available non-petrochemical primers.

Stir well beforehand and occasionally during use. Apply in warm, dry conditions. Outside, paint in warm but not exceedingly hot weather. FarmPaint will dry to the touch in an hour and may be recoated within two hours, but should cure for at least ten days before exposure to traffic or moisture. Leave floor paint to cure for two weeks.

How do I finish the surface after painting?

FarmPaint does not need to be sealed, even outdoors. If you wish, use a beeswax, shellac or any clear finish to seal paint in damper or high-traffic areas. Waxed surfaces deepen in color and gain a slight sheen, but have to be sanded thoroughly before repainting. Non-waxed layers of FarmPaint may also be buffed with a rag for sheen.

What kind of tools should I use for application?

FarmPaint will dry to the characteristic intense flat finish of milk paints, with a subtle transparency. Use brushes, sponges, rollers or rags to achieve different textures. We painted house walls using a spray gun.

Can I mix the colors?

FarmPaints mix superbly to your choice of color. Have fun! Thin the paint with water for a wash over wood grain. Paints will not mix with latex or other milk paints.

Can I paint my bathroom?

FarmPaint is an excellent non-toxic, non-fuming choice in your bathroom, although we do not recommend that you paint your shower stall. Remove existing mildew before painting, and allow FarmPaint to cure for at least ten days in warm weather before exposing the walls to moisture.

What is the shelf life of my paint?

Store your unopened paint at room temperature for up to six months for optimum results. Use opened paints within two weeks. The paint does not contain harsh fungicides and will be vulnerable to bacterial growth once opened. Stir well each time you use the paint and continue to stir while painting. Clean paint from the thread of the jar lid after use.

Does the paint smell?

FarmPaint has a very slight, not unpleasant smell of flax seed oil. FarmPaint will extract smells from older surfaces that have absorbed surrounding fumes, such as cigarette smoke. These smells will dissipate.

Is this paint durable?

FarmPaint is emulsified with oil, thus highly durable, more so than latex paint. Milk emulsion paints like our FarmPaint may be seen in the pyramids of ancient Egypt, still vibrant with color. The paint will patina with age, gaining depth and texture. On exterior surfaces, FarmPaint will absorb rain and darken in color, releasing the water and returning to original color after the rain.

Do I need protective clothing?

Not at all. Many milk paints are caustic and require goggles and gloves when painting. FarmPaint is completely gentle and non-caustic. We suggest a nice halter top and cut-off shorts. Splatters on your clothes will wash off if laundered within a day or so.

Is clean-up easy?

Clean brushes with warm water. The flax seed oil in the paint will gently condition brushes. Paint will wash easily from clothing within hours, but not thereafter.


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