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A tasty surprise for people on a diet
or with dairy allergies

Goat milk cheese is better for you
than cow milk cream cheese:

  • About one-third fewer calories per ounce
  • About twice as much protein
  • About half the fat and cholesterol
  • Easier to digest because the fat globules are smaller, resembling those of human milk, and the curd is softer than cow milk curd
  • Goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk and may be an alternative for some people with dairy protein allergies

Delicious, healthy, and vegetarian

  • Harley Farms chevre has only 5.5 grams of fat per ounce, but cow milk soft cheeses are much fattier
  • Goat cheese has a similar level of calcium and phosphorus, but more potassium, Vitamin A, thiamin and niacin than cow milk cheese
  • Our goats are fed hay and grain and receive no antibiotics or hormones
  • We use vegetable rennet in all our cheeses

Nutritional Facts ( per ounce )

  • Protein 4 grams
  • Fat 5.5 grams
  • Cholesterol 17.5
  • Calories 69
  • Carbohydrates 0.8 grams
  • Salt 0.9 grams

Please check with a medical professional before making any alteration to a controlled diet

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