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Playtime 07/09/2015

The kids are four months old. They are always keen to see you, because most of the time you're bringing them food

We kept 49 girls this year and they are old enough now to be one herd. They are used to each other's warmth and comfort

The kids are in a newly fenced run between our house and the hen house. The chickens are making a dash for home; the kids are inspecting the neighbors


Mark has made a rotating barrel and a seesaw for the kids. They haven't quite worked out the full possibilities of the barrel - it'll be funny to see how quickly they all learn the technique after the first cracks the game

This is our 25th year - but watching the young goats play is still a joy and a treat

Goat milk for a luxe lifestyle 07/02/2015

Goat milk is superlative for your skin, a natural combination of vitamins, minerals, alpha-hydroxy acid and essential fatty acids. Our Bath and Body Collection is supremely delicate, effective and wholly natural, ideal protection from age and the environment. This is serious luxury: world-class effective ingredients, hand-made with a sustainable harvest in mind.

Well, a luxury product deserves a luxurious home. We are naturally thrilled to now feature in the world-class Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay.

Our best-selling goat milk soap is aged for a premium bar that keeps its shape and delicate aroma of lavender, rose geranium or lemon verbena. We also make unscented soap and a masculine blend of citrus and spice. Try goat milk soap in the shower every day for noticably softer skin

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay makes a blissful splurge if you need a spot of rejuenvenation

Find our goat milk lotion, goat milk soaps, bath salts, massage oils and body scrubs in the spa. You can browse our entire collection here

Eilís is our Bath and Body Collection mastermind. She is working on more products with deep citrus and spicy scent profiles, as well as a Harley Farms pet shampoo, for your pampered pooches


Food for a June wedding 06/30/2015


It's an exquisite late June afternoon

Karolynne is just finishing the wedding altar in the farm secret garden

Cream, dusky purple and faded apricot - elegant, antique colors

The kitchen team are waiting to begin service

The hayloft is decorated - these are the sweepings

and the table is set

Jess is the Cook's assistant tonight

These are Cornish game hens for the omnivorous guests - the cauliflower below is a vegan dish

Hot in the kitchen but serene in the garden

After their champagne toast, guests return to the hayloft garden for hot soup and cheese

apple sausage crostini

roasted pepper crostini

stuffed mini peppers

It's a gentle evening, perfect for this chilled carrot flan served with a mustard tarragon drizzle

This is the sage and brown butter sauce for goat cheese ravioli

The game hens roasted with lemon and rosemary, served with smashed new potatoes and seasonal greens

The apple dumplings will be baked and served with goat milk caramel

Mango pecan crumble is the vegan option


Lucky turtle 06/29/2015

Adriana was on her way to the farm, and just south of Half Moon Bay, when she spotted a turtle in the opposing lane of the highway. There was no way that turtle would make it across the road unharmed. Adriana made a quick u-turn and pulled over. She stepped out into the road and stopped the traffic. A trucker saw what was happening and took over the traffic. Another guy stepped out and said he was from the Ag Board and could take care of the turtle. Adriana said she was from Harley Farms and could take care of the turtle. They high-fived and then Adriana tucked the slider into her car and came on into work.

The turtle is a red eared slider, which are non-native and displace earlier species in the wild. After making it comfortable with some water and lettuce, we had to find it a safe habitat. We couldn't release it in the marsh, so we asked our Facebook readers for a foster home. There were several generous offers, and it went home with our Pescadero neighbor Nancy Raulston. Thank you Nancy!

Pescadero's Root Down Farm brought us twenty Delaware hens, in a nice surprise for the rooster. They are the white with a touch of black chickens: a calm and friendly breed that lays plenty of eggs.

Also last week, we welcomed Joyce Bittner, visiting from her goat dairy farm in Arizona, Fossil Creek Creamery. General manager Lesa and I have been working with the Bittners on expanding and strengthening their products and events for almost two years. Joyce spent a morning in the dairy with Salud making ricotta, and an evening with Eilís making goat milk soap. It was a pleasure to host Joyce and I am looking forward to hearing back from her and her husband John.

Joyce views the feeding routine and the milking parlor. They raise Nubians, the breed with the highly attractive pendulous ears. Nubians are comfortable in Arizona summers - Joyce found the weather here on the coast chilly, though it was an extremely warm day.

A Rolls-Royce in the fields 06/08/2015


It's June. Wedding season is open. And it's also the season for driving Rolls-Royces through farm fields.

An elaborate altar of flowers for your wedding is optional - but irresistible. Lindsay and Garrett chose a classically romantic yet wild combination of colors and shapes - we have a handful of mature gardens and generous gardeners here in Pescadero with wonderful texture and bloom

Floral designer Karolynne Meyer pinned succulents one by one to anchor this wispily romantic collection of love in a mist, hydrangea, eucalyptus, amaranthus and anthriscus



Our own Adriana is licensed to marry you and conducted the ceremony

Karolynne making the bouquets, corsages and boutonierres

Our lavish flower arrangements at the red Upper Barn

The couple's cocktails of the evening

The front room at the Upper Barn is a staff favorite for parties

We tucked these two girls into the tiny stable at the barn - the baby on the right is peeping into the party room

Luxury amid the gloriousness of our valley

Lindsay's mother walked her down the aisle

After the ceremony, guests walked over the fields to the Upper Barn - some, enchantingly, barefoot

but this time the groom got a ride

All three so photogenic


That's a Lindsay's Blue Moon

At the back of the barn you can just see the wedding cake

which Karolynne made even prettier

May the rest of your days be as wildly romantic as this evening




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