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Shangri-La 10/30/2007


Blossom and Daisy are two of our most sweet-tempered goats, and always on call for milking demonstrations at the farm. However... as soon as we got to Google this past weekend Blossom made a frantic break for her freedom, capering across the Google lawns in probably the most chaotic action the Google lawns have ever seen. I don't know; she may have fancied the engineering life. It's a Shangri-La for engineers at Google we loved the clean-cut boys doing their laundry early on Saturday morning, and the compostable cutlery in the canteens, and you'll have to check out the bathrooms! It was the delightful Google chefs hosting us, for a DooF-a-Palooza  kids enjoying real food on a new PBS series.


Katya (left) interviewing me for PBS

The very delightful David Poth, kitchen manager, made us feel hungry describing how the Google food is real they shop for seasonal, local food (within 150 miles if not from their own strictly aligned, immaculate vegetable boxes). After we'd redesigned the straw bale pen, to thwart Blossom, who definitely won't be hired again, we had a fabulous time. We had two of our first baby goats along as well, and most people are surprised at their soft cuddliness. We got to admire the incision of Google offspring (Exactly how many different types of goat are there?), and their parents ('Look! See how the goat's pupils are stadium-shaped?). A great day out!

We adore pumpkins 10/30/2007


October mornings are my very favorite time of the year. Crisp or foggy, the smells of the farm are more intense, and there's a palpable bustle in the air as we prepare the goats for winter. They are beginning to put on weight for the California winter!, and so, no doubt, will I, because we've got some delicious food planned. First, it's pumpkin season, neighboring Half Moon Bay being the pumpkin capital of the entire world (if the weekend traffic's anything to go by). It's luscious added to our fromage blanc, with a tiny dusting of cinnamon, and available now! Perfect in a cheesecake. As the dairy has grown, I've become ever more appreciative of local foods and the extraordinary talents of the Northern California chefs whom we've worked with over the years. So, this Thanksgiving seemed the perfect time to organize Fabulous Food at Harley Farms! Three top chefs will each prepare a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner to seat 20, served under the magnificent rafters of our old dairy barn. What better way to celebrate family and the harvest season than on the farm, prepared by those who love and support real food? I can't wait! Menus and booking details on the website very soon!

About 10/18/2007

The blog of Harley Farms Goat Diary. Got a question? Ask Dee!

Interesting cheeses 10/18/2007

Even though there are so many more interesting cheeses available, we are one of the very few farmstead producers, taking slow and consistent steps all the way from the birth of the baby goat, to their happy days on our pasture with its ocean breezes, to the capable hands of our family of dairy employees, who've been with us all these nine years. We were in Italy last year, and I gave a local foodie some of our cheese to try, and he immediately said "This cheese is made by the ocean!" It's true. You can literally taste our gorgeous location. OK. Enough boasting. We're working on a new, aged cheese for spring, and so I'm getting even more excited for next year...

Q&A 10/10/2007

Thank you all for the interest and questions! No, Ben didn't win his game, but he played really well and the team had a great season. The farm too has had a wonderful year. Several visitors have asked what the American Cheese Society awards mean to us, since we've been recognized each of the nine years Harley Farms has entered cheese in this national competition. I'd say that this year, more than ever, we're incredibly excited and grateful to have won six awards for the 11 cheeses that we entered. We saw over 1200 entries for cheeses this year, from all over the United States. There's been an explosion of interest in food over the past three years, with the popularity of the Food Channel, and markets such as Wholefoods, and, in particular, farmers' markets. Did you know that Google hosts a farmers' market for its employees every week? We're going to visit them - with a goat! - this month. I'll let you know how that goes!

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