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Harley Farms Wins 2007 National Honors! 08/10/2007

We won blue ribbons for our Fromage Blanc and our Van Goat, second place for our Fromage Blanc Garlic Herb, Ricotta and Chevre in Oil, and one third place in the Farmstead division for our signature Monet at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference and Awards. We are thrilled to be awarded these prestigious honors by our peers and it underlines that our cheese is the best! Alas, I was not present to receive the awards as my son, Ben, was part of a successful baseball team and we had to stay home to attend the games and to cheer him on. Our friend Jim Boyce from Marin French Cheese gracefully accepted them for us. My childhood friends came in for a two week flying visit from the UK to help us get our cheese shop on its feet, and what a grand job they've done. You should see it! All the original 1910 beams are now exposed filling the room with the glow of times past. We are so grateful to them for their expertise and energy. We are having a mini Monet give away in the shop to unsuspecting customers over this weekend to celebrate our achievements.

Spring 07/02/2007

I apologize for the tardy blog update. Spring is always busy on the farm and, alas, this blog fell between the cracks. But I am back! I have entered eleven of our cheeses into the American Cheese Society Competition (see link below) which will be held in Vermont from August 1st through the 4th. My family will join me and we will drive to Quebec to visit some Farms and Cheese Makers before returning on the 9th. Check our new weekly feature 'week link'? for some goat giggles and take a browse around our updated web site. Keep checking in to see new pictures of the farm, goats and cheese making. The weekly tours of the summer are filling up fast so make reservations soon if you want to get a behind the scenes look at the workings of Harley Farms. We will try and update this blog each Friday. Bye for now. -- Dee

Harley Farms abounds in baby goats! 05/16/2007


Kids are being born as you read this very blog. We will turn on our milking machine for the 1st time on Monday kicking off our cheese making year. The rain brought the mud but all our goats are comfortable and cozy in their birth ing barn taking time to enjoy grain treats and new babies. To date we have had 20 sets of triplets,far more than we have had in the past. We would like to attribute this to our new buck, RED. Although, science states that it is actually the doe that determines how many kids she will birth at a time. We will be featured in the weekend edition of the New York Times business section. Funny place for an article about a goat farm eh?! You might want to log on to their web site to hear the online audio interview with me together with a slide show. I look forward to your questions and comments and will try to answer them forthwith. A couple of exciting things which I look forward to talking about in next weeks blog are the new Chicken Tractor and our Master Cheese Classes coming this summer.I must be off now to tend to the babies. No rest for the goatherd!

Harley Farms Christmas Fair 12/31/1969


Next Weekend! 8-9 Dec 11-5 Handmade crafts, fabulous wreaths and delicious treats

TFB 12/31/1969


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