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There was an old lady 07/30/2012

who swallowed a fly

If you know this old lady, kindly mention that we have some flies for her. We have over two hundred goats, all of whom defecate. House flies are keen to feed on warm, rotting organic matter such as goat manure, and apparently a pair of flies can produce over a million new flies in two months. There are sensible precautions. We keep screens on windows and doors, and rubbish bins shut. We collect goat manure and cover it while the heap decomposes into valuable garden mulch. However, there are thousands of flies to suppress, and we have a multipronged attack plan. You might have noticed plastic bags mounted on our outside walls, of dubious appearance. They contain a liquid irresistible but deadly to flies. We have also built bat boxes, in the hope of bat tenants moving onto the farm. Starting at dusk, bats will eat hundreds of flying insects every night, including mosquitoes and flies. It only remains to find the old lady, and we won't let her swallow the horses.

Celebrity Baby Chloe 07/04/2012

Everybody thought her mum was just a wee bit plump. Baby Chloe was a surprise arrival last weekend, three weeks after the official end of baby season, just as Chloe led her tour into the loafing barn.

Baby Chloe timed her arrival to perfection. Yesterday Liam Mayclem of CBS and his crew were in town to film a news item on Pescadero. Chloe was the prettiest, tiniest baby on the farm, and leapt into Liam's arms for five seconds of fame.

This is me thinking up the answers to Liam's Tasty Questions. So, in the next life I'd come back as a ... goat farmer. The soundtrack of my life is I Want to Break Free. My dinner party guests would be Princess Diana for chat, Billy Connolly for laughs and Mark Knopfler for music. And if you were to raid my refrigerator at midnight you'd find plenty of leftovers, salsa, a large slab of - I admit it - cow's milk cheddar, and no doubt several bottles of wine.

Harley Farms Express 06/27/2012

It's the end of baby season. All the 2012 babies are weaned from milk to nutritionally appropriate grain. The younger group of babies, whose mothers are last year's babies, will be leaving the farm soon.


Our latest rescue dog, George the beagle, is still cautious and will take some time to relax into his farm life. He was a subject for medical testing, but is healthy and should have a happy beagle life

We all enjoyed our glimpse of Friday night's wedding on the farm. Adriana has her wedding officiant license, so that we are a one-stop shop for wedding ceremonies! We'll never forget that the bride wore red wellies under her wedding gown for a romantic but practical farm tour

We're well into a busy summer season, with the launch of a new aged cheese, our new goat milk paint range, and more cheese classes coming. Move over - we're the Harley Farms Express!


Honey in the barn 06/27/2012

The bee men of Humble Bee Removal arrived on Saturday to relocate the hive of honey bees living in our barn.

Wild bee colonies love older, lonelier buildings with holes, but these tenants had to be rehoused! Humble Bee Removal collected the bees from inside the interior wall and took them to another ranch further down the coast. Hives should travel at least six to nine miles away, so that they don't simply come back to their familiar home. These bees were acclimatized to our coastal climate, though, so they'll be comfortable in a similar spot not too far away.

The bee men

Yum. But they weren't sharing.

Pescadero's Class of 2012 06/10/2012

Congratulations to Pescadero High School's Class of 2012!

Anna-Lesa, valedictorian, with her mum Lesa, farm shop manager. Anna-Lesa will study nursing in New England - hugs and congratulations! and we'll all miss you

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