Good-bye, thank you and love to our Washington Girls! Angela and Lauren are high-school friends from Washington who came for the second year running to stay, work, and work some more, on their California tans. They spent three weeks working on the farm for Adriana, our events manager, and for Joe, our farm cook.

Angela on the left, and Lauren on the right. Angela wants to work in the hospitality business, so this was perfect experience. Lauren wants to serve in the Peace Corps before becoming a nurse. Here she's describing how she clutched a baby goat when she was five, the first time she came to the farm. I met Lauren's father when I was pretty much her age, working on a "pirate ship" as sailing camp staff. Her aunt is Teri, our farm artist

Before they came last year, Lauren had never eaten any cheese. But today, when they get home, Angela and Lauren are going to cook goat cheese ravioli for their families. They've worked long and hard with the farm cook, and looked beautiful throughout. They loved living in our son Ben's cabin, they loved eating family-style at night, and they loved Santa Cruz. We loved them! So good luck, Angela, in your move to Massachusetts, but see you both back next year! xoxoxo


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