The farm has fizzing energy and camaraderie this August! We have several new employees, and this next weekend will toast our purchase of the neighboring acres and barn with all the staff. Our new generation is the younger staff. Like all the Pescadero businesses, we have work for young people in the community, and I am especially happy to train teenagers who return each summer or work part-time during the school year. They become an asset to the farm, and they develop ties to our community that give them extra self-confidence, skills and a salary, irrespective of their family background or school performance.

Yesterday, Ben and David stepped up to the mic to present the Pescadero Art and Fun Festival SCCS Fashion Show. They were even better than the previous presenters. Out with the old and in with the new!

The new generation. Our elegant staff present the South Coast Children's Services Fashion Show at the weekend

Of course you would buy cheese from such a lovely young woman

The SCCS Fashion Show, organized by local young people, funds activities and projects for all local youth

The Pescadero Art and Fun Fair is an annual fundraiser for art in our local schools. If you've ever sat and listened to the amazing variety of talented musicians who play here every year - the mariachi band are now the children of the original musicians! - you cannot help but be impressed by the breadth of talent and kindness in our community. It's a good place to grow up and I look forward to all our new generations of staff and neighbors







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