Oscar the black farm cat is an evacuee from indoor life in Berkeley. At first we hardly saw him outside the barn. We had to reassure his ex-owner that Oscar loved his new country lifestyle, without being able to produce him. But in weeks Oscar began to keep the rodent population down very efficiently. He has keen eyesight, probably because he never strained it indoors in Berkeley. He prowls the top of the fences and leaps from the sky like a raptor.

Oscar excelled himself one summer farm dinner. As we served goat cheese ravioli to twenty-two lovely guests seated upstairs in our hayloft, the black cat served up a not quite dead mouse for all to admire. The mouse ran under the table. The cat ran under the table. The mouse wasn't fast enough and became an entree in the corner of the loft. We had to beg forgiveness for this extra slice of farm life. Horrifyingly, Oscar returned at dessert with another mouse, but we don't think anybody noticed? I promise you that all staff are on full cat alert at dinner time now.

Sleepy after preparing those extra farm dinners

Caramel the boss cat. Jealous of Oscar's success



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