Imagine a group of girlfriends, years back, when they were even younger than they are now. They're passionate and dynamic, they're all in the food and wine business… It's the American Cheese Society awards, in Vermont, and it's been a long, successful day. They've partied all evening, they're tottering down the hotel corridor, and now Kristin, the witty Wholefoods buyer from Minneapolis, must make a decision… Will she or won't she knock on the door of Bob, the charming wine merchant?

Flash forward twelve years (but everybody still looks good) to the pop of a champagne cork. It's Kristin and Bob's place in Las Vegas. She knew cheese and he knew wine: a match made in heaven, but helped by me…. They sold everything and moved west, to open their gorgeous gourmet shop. We had a few days with them earlier in the summer, with some pool and poker in Vegas, and I had to congratulate myself on the amazingly successful partnership of two funny, hardworking, delightful people!

Visit Bob & Kristin's Valley Cheese & Wine Shop Online

I do the matchmaking, and Elvis does the marrying.



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