Everybody thought her mum was just a wee bit plump. Baby Chloe was a surprise arrival last weekend, three weeks after the official end of baby season, just as Chloe led her tour into the loafing barn.

Baby Chloe timed her arrival to perfection. Yesterday Liam Mayclem of CBS and his crew were in town to film a news item on Pescadero. Chloe was the prettiest, tiniest baby on the farm, and leapt into Liam's arms for five seconds of fame.

This is me thinking up the answers to Liam's Tasty Questions. So, in the next life I'd come back as a ... goat farmer. The soundtrack of my life is I Want to Break Free. My dinner party guests would be Princess Diana for chat, Billy Connolly for laughs and Mark Knopfler for music. And if you were to raid my refrigerator at midnight you'd find plenty of leftovers, salsa, a large slab of - I admit it - cow's milk cheddar, and no doubt several bottles of wine.


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