Pet goats Big Boy (one of our most enormous babies) and Armpit are kept men, trained to pull a cart. They are castrated, so that they don't bother the milking goats, but they do have their horns, because goats sweat through their horns. There is no need for the milking goats to keep their horns because they lead a pampered lifestyle on the pasture, but the boys are put to work occasionally. This week they are in the orchard eating the undergrowth.

Big Boy. Sweet-tempered

Armpit and Big Boy are more than a handful - they can easily drag a six-foot man to the ground - and will need shepherding if we are to move them about on the farm as weed-eaters. They will be joined by our six hermaphrodite goats (it's quite common) to make an efficient weeding team in the orchard, once we have a mobile solar-powered fence in there. Goats are greedy, and can eat almost all weeds, so they are perfect for keeping bramble, poison oak and worse under control.

Armpit. Unpredictable



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