It is a year last week that Foxi arrived at the farm. Foxi died suddenly, but peacefully, in the summer, and is buried underneath a lilac in the garden. We miss her ridiculous panting and happiness so much.

For Foxi

The black dogs on our farm are always elderly, rescued dogs. They nap in the shrubbery and don't chase the chickens. We miss them bitterly when they die. But this is an idyllic home for dogs, and our new black dogs are here. They are 10 years old, and have no names.

I met their owner at Crissy Field in the early summer. She loved them but had lost her home, and called Rocket Dog Rescue.

The Dogs with No Name patrol the fenceline of the garden, but like their distance. She will wag her tail for you, but he is shy and may not come out from underneath the roses.

Foxi's rescuer visits to walk the new black dogs a little way up the road, before they get tired and need to return for their naps in the shrubbery.

Dog with No Name in the farm garden


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