We've had six weeks of delightful and maybe a little frantic preparation for a Pescadero wedding in the farm wild garden this past weekend, with dinner and dancing in the farm barn. Six weeks of building a new bridge over the creek in the garden, because the last one was washed away this winter, of mowing and weeding and uncovering the garden, which has wild rambles of old roses, hydrangeas, and fuchsias. The wedding party sat down to dinner on benches painted in our farm paint, at a long table on a straw-strewn floor, and watched the moon rise on a perfect April evening.

Welcome to our romantic wild garden. Listen to the birds and leave the world behind


Violets and ferns in the grove under the trees, with fuchsias climbing into the trees

and soft grey lichen hanging down

The new bridge crosses the creek into the sunny enclosed garden

There are clipped box hedges with a sanctuary

Plums, apples and pears will be ripe in the autumn

Congratulations and love to you both!


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