IT'S 1951


Adam Woodhams' Pontiac from Sean Rivers

1951. It's the debut of The Catcher in the Rye, I Love Lucy, and direct coast to coast telephone calls. Adam Woodhams is on the road in his Pontiac Chieftain, a classy, low, built-to-last ride. 

In 1951 strawflowers were drying in this barn, part of Pescadero's cut flower history. Pescadero has always been a popular road trip destination

Adam Woodhams (left) in 2013. Adam builds rotors and this car is his passion project. He's out with professional photographers for the day to record his gorgeous custom car

It's the Chief

Adam's other ride is a Harley. The other Harley.

Adam's wife's wedding ring is a yellow sapphire. This is to catch her eye and make her remember to lock the door

Foot pedal for the high beams


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