Our four llamas, Dolly, Lorenzo, Ruby and Haley, are sheared every year by Mr. and Mrs. Wool. The Wools have a smallholding in San Jose, with their own sheep, horses and cow, and day jobs, but come out every year to the coast to clip local llamas and alpacas. Shearing the heavy wool from their abdomen in spring or early summer improves air circulation and keeps llamas cool and comfortable. Show llamas have special cuts, sometimes "poodle" or "lion" style, but our working llamas are not so dressy. Depending on their temperament, they have almost all of their wool sheared.

Dolly keeps the wool on the back of her legs because she's sensitive to clipping there, whereas Lorenzo doesn't mind

Apparently, our llamas are the best-behaved in the neighborhood. Much better than somebody else's alpacas!!

Mrs. Wool took the wool home and will make woolen llamas for the Farm Shop


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