not a "mistake". You know how you're never quite sure whether a goat is pregnant or just chubby? No - just us, then? We have December babies here. Twins, born yesterday.

Clearly, Holstein got into the wrong pen at the wrong time. We anticipate more this week - come and see the babies, who'll be outside in Tony's Pen for you to admire if weather permits

Most of the girls seem pregnant - or fat - we're obviously not experts

They seem docile, thoughtful; they take it easy around the loafing barn

Others seem friskier, ready for a good time

But he's a player, so there's quite a line

Father of this week's Miracle Babies, and many more

Meanwhile, we've been cleaning out the loafing barn ready for birthing. Goats come into the barn to give birth - they don't have babies in the pasture

Since this ...

leads to this ...

and ultimately this, we have to rent heavy-duty equipment at this time of year, before the ground gets waterlogged with rain, and scoop out the barn. We dust the floor with agricultural lime to sweeten and disinfect, and add fresh straw collected from our neighbors across the street, the Moores

We age the manure, away from the goats. It's ideal for garden compost

Maybe we'll call this one Miracle? At least there's a clean straw bed for them


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