Between us at Harley Farms, we've had every kind of wedding, from ritzy to the back yard, from fabulously styled to secret registry office. I won't tell you about mine - I wish we'd had the farm then! I have been married for almost twenty-five years. It doesn't stop me from becoming ridiculously romantic about each and every wedding we host here on the farm. Last Saturday was a January wedding for a gorgeous couple who chose a rustic ceremony in our woodland gardens, followed by an evening feast in the hayloft.

We make all flower arrangements for our farm weddings from seasonal blossom and foliage here in Pescadero, to complement the naturally rustic surroundings. Here are our winter wedding flowers for this stunning couple.

The flower diadems were specially commissioned for the wedding

The bride's bouquet is the soft green of Corsican hellebores (lenten roses) with curly willow

We pinned matching corsages and boutonnieres to the wedding guests around the bonfire, before the ceremony


Farm office manager Adriana can marry you, if you would like a civil ceremony

Adriana does not usually carry a knife at ceremonies. Only if the rings get trapped in the lining of your jacket!

The musician was beautifully accessorized for a winter wedding in the woods


After the wedding, guests gathered below the hayloft at the farm

We think the bride made the right choice here

Peace and love, health and happiness to you





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