The Bartlett Kids are ready to work. Cambria and Elijah saw an opportunity at the farm  - look what they've made. 

The kids made and sold Christmas decorations at the farm fair two years ago. A family friend gave them the idea of designing T-shirts, and they got to work. The Harley Farms Jumpy Goat Staff T-shirts are a huge success. There are now sweatshirts and tote bags, too. The farm reorders almost every week; the kids may make as many as 80 garments a week

Cambria peels the back off a new stencil

Elijah applies the stencil to a T-shirt. Purple is a popular color


Cambria sprays the stencil with a bleach mixture and then immediately dabs the liquid off the stencil

Pile of washed Ts in the sink. Their mother rinses out the bleach. The kids recognize their parents' time but do not pay them. They do, however, pay for all materials and household utilities

Quality control. The stencils can bleed onto the fabric when they've been previously splashed with bleach

Elijah checks their filed accounting. They have graduated from huge money jars in their bedroom to bank accounts. There is a saving agreement - 50% of their takings will be saved, 40% is for each to spend as they please, and 10% is donated to charity. The kids support the Nine Lives Foundation. Neither is a spender (their parents are accountants) - Elijah mentions a car, and Cambria's main hobby is needlework

There are some adorable seconds (the kids are wearing some, too)

and yes, they will have different designs for sale at the Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival this summer. Meet the Bartlett Kids at PAFF or at our Christmas fair this December for any business tips or job openings. Congratulations to Cambria and Elijah on their excellent business



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