Every year we donate one event in our hayloft and garden. This year we were absolutely delighted to host Puente's 16th anniversary party on Sunday afternoon, with appetizers from the farm kitchen.

Puente de la Costa Sur is the community resource center for the South Coast, providing food, transportation, shelter referrals, housing assistance, advocacy, and health, literacy, and education services for local residents.

Anna-Lesa made pizzas of local sausage and tomatoes with our feta cheese

There were plenty of other tasty morsels 

We knew a lot of the guests, including Kevin of Early Bird Farm and Kevin Jr

and Doniga (left) and Erik (center) of Markegard Family Grass-Fed

We washed up in the dairy

 although there wasn't much to tidy up. Congratulations to Puente on 16 years of community support!





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