When I was younger, my skin often flared up in itchy patches. Eczema is the general word for all itchy rashes. I get it on my face and neck, but it is common behind your knees and at your elbows and armpits. Millions of people have eczema, but there isn't one simple trigger. Irritants like detergent and scent, allergens like mold, dust, pet fur and some foods, hormonal levels, high and low humidity, and anxiety may all affect your skin. When my face got blotchy and red, it was hard not to get worked up about my appearance, probably making the situation worse.

I was interested in goats before my first six pets arrived on the farm because I couldn't drink cow milk without upset. Goat milk made a huge difference in my diet, since I love a drop of milk in my tea. It lead me very quickly to goat milk soaps and lotions. When your skin is inflamed, it's crucial to keep it clean and moisturized, but regular soaps were not doing me any favors. Goat milk is packed with ingredients that make a difference to your skin - and to my ezcema.

We began making small batches of goat milk soaps and lotions on the farm a decade ago. Goat milk is pretty much all-powerful, since it will help remove irritated skin, repair the damage, retain moisture, and protect your skin from sun exposure. The alpha hydroxy acid lactic acid in goat milk destroys the bonds between dead skin cells, removing some of the irritation. Lactic acid is a major ingredient in chemical facial peels for this reason.

Goat milk is packed with vitamins, including vitamin A, which affects skin elasticity and tone. The butter fats are a supreme natural moisturizer. And goat milk minerals include selenium, which is believed to protect your skin from overexposure to sun.

 I was lucky to have a right-hand woman in the shape of Eilís Burke, who makes our bath and body line. She trained as a nurse and rocks a no-nonsense attitude to life, but she could not be more of a caring goddess. She nursed me back to sanity after my operation a few years back. It's Eilís who develops our luxurious choices of aged bar soap, liquid soap, face, eye, and body lotions, face cleanser and toner, bath oils, bath salts, and more.

We sell our full range of bath and body soaps and lotions in the farm shop and online

One of Eilís's dogs


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