The May Day procession leaves the farm and crosses the fields to the secret garden

The May Pole is carried by the creatures of the old year

Their leader is a horse, the "obby orse

The dancers are here to welcome summer and bid farewell to winter's creatures

The pole arrives in our meadow, heralded by our jumpy goat girl

The pole is upstanding and the creatures of the old year must go. It is time to welcome in the May - the new year's Summer

The band abandons their mournful marching melody and strikes up a joyful accompaniment to the May Dance

We would like to thank the Lighthouse String Band for their superb accompaniment. We couldn't have gathered in the May in style without them



Our dancing May Day luncheon guests were in need of some lavender lemonade at this point!

 Lunch in the garden followed the Gathering of the May. We hope our guests enjoyed the occasion as much as we did - thank you for coming!


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