Last year, Trisha and Rob stood on the hayloft balcony overlooking the farm and said I want it. They booked their wedding on the spot. We had taken them into the secret garden with the huge tea tree in full rich blossom, and I think it was the color for Trisha, who loves the opulence of rich wines, orange and purples.

We try to book Bay Area stylist Karolynne Meyer for weddings on the farm. She thinks big, and we like it. Karolynne arrived at 8am on the day of the wedding with a truckload of flowers. We always use local and seasonal bloom from the farm gardens and hedgerows, together with Karolynne's own flowers, and additional loveliness as requested by the bride. If you would like out of season blossoms, you will have them - it's your day.

Trisha's bouquet was a luscious combination of deeply fragrant sweet peas and dramatically orange protea and kangaroo paws.


Flowers for the wedding feast upstairs in the hayloft were next. Our overflowing dramatic arrangements are English-style -  wildly romantic and atmospheric.


Karolynne decorated the hayloft balcony with more vibrant oranges and purples to add even more romance to wedding photographs.

 Choose simply drinks with cheese or both cheese and hot tasty nibbles for your guests outside.

Wedding style for farm weddings is tricky but we think these young people look absolutely adorable.

 Our home is yours for the evening. We hope you have wildly romantic memories of your evening with us.





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