Adriana was on her way to the farm, and just south of Half Moon Bay, when she spotted a turtle in the opposing lane of the highway. There was no way that turtle would make it across the road unharmed. Adriana made a quick u-turn and pulled over. She stepped out into the road and stopped the traffic. A trucker saw what was happening and took over the traffic. Another guy stepped out and said he was from the Ag Board and could take care of the turtle. Adriana said she was from Harley Farms and could take care of the turtle. They high-fived and then Adriana tucked the slider into her car and came on into work.

The turtle is a red eared slider, which are non-native and displace earlier species in the wild. After making it comfortable with some water and lettuce, we had to find it a safe habitat. We couldn't release it in the marsh, so we asked our Facebook readers for a foster home. There were several generous offers, and it went home with our Pescadero neighbor Nancy Raulston. Thank you Nancy!

Pescadero's Root Down Farm brought us twenty Delaware hens, in a nice surprise for the rooster. They are the white with a touch of black chickens: a calm and friendly breed that lays plenty of eggs.

Also last week, we welcomed Joyce Bittner, visiting from her goat dairy farm in Arizona, Fossil Creek Creamery. General manager Lesa and I have been working with the Bittners on expanding and strengthening their products and events for almost two years. Joyce spent a morning in the dairy with Salud making ricotta, and an evening with Eilís making goat milk soap. It was a pleasure to host Joyce and I am looking forward to hearing back from her and her husband John.

Joyce views the feeding routine and the milking parlor. They raise Nubians, the breed with the highly attractive pendulous ears. Nubians are comfortable in Arizona summers - Joyce found the weather here on the coast chilly, though it was an extremely warm day.


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