It's an exquisite late June afternoon

Karolynne is just finishing the wedding altar in the farm secret garden

Cream, dusky purple and faded apricot - elegant, antique colors

The kitchen team are waiting to begin service

The hayloft is decorated - these are the sweepings

and the table is set

Jess is the Cook's assistant tonight

These are Cornish game hens for the omnivorous guests - the cauliflower below is a vegan dish

Hot in the kitchen but serene in the garden

After their champagne toast, guests return to the hayloft garden for hot soup and cheese

apple sausage crostini

roasted pepper crostini

stuffed mini peppers

It's a gentle evening, perfect for this chilled carrot flan served with a mustard tarragon drizzle

This is the sage and brown butter sauce for goat cheese ravioli

The game hens roasted with lemon and rosemary, served with smashed new potatoes and seasonal greens

The apple dumplings will be baked and served with goat milk caramel

Mango pecan crumble is the vegan option



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