Gate open for sexy time. This is the far less adorable beginning of kidding season. You can't get those sweet, soft faces and first staggering steps without the knock-out musk of bucks in rut. Here they come.

Yes, bucks are interested in pretty much all that moves. No offense, Mark. Generally, though, a doe on heat trumps all.

 Mmm, hot boy. Bucks have scent glands behind their horns for that chokingly pungent musk. In rut, they double down by urinating over themselves. No such thing as subtle on goat dates. The ladies like stinky.

Our American Alpine does are seasonal breeders, coming into heat in the fall as the days get shorter. Individual does will come into heat every 21 days, for anywhere from half a day to three days, until early winter. Bucks will stay in rut for the breeding season. A doe in heat will wag her tail wildly - flagging - and mock-mount the other does, head-butting and bleating. Bucks will nose the urine of does on heat, curling back their lips to inhale the telltale pheromones.

Lips curled back to inhale a mate

Beard stained yellow from urine spraying. It attracts the right sort of lady

Coltrane. Handsome devil

Let me get some of your musk rubbed into my face

The first kids are due in five months. Goat gestation is about 150 days


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