Hyssop. Useful as a medicinal tea

The guidebook Eccentric California brings you the Horned Toad Derby, the World Famous Asphalt Museum, World Pillow Fighting Championships… and Outstanding in the Field. There's no joke, though. Nine years down the road, Outstanding in the Field has a sell-out calendar of dinners as fleeting artistic experiences. Celebrated chefs cook local food, but at the farm, or on the beach. The farmers join you at dinner. All the charm of picnicking, but no need for you to fill any thermoses. Linens, fine wines, posies on the tables, and stars in the sky. Katy Oursler was for several years mistress of these ceremonies, welcoming lucky guests to these intensely memorable meals. She is now their private events director.

Luckily, Katy has joined us at Harley Farms, to bring an exceptional twist to our already extraordinary parties. Katy's the oldest of five children who grew up with a huge garden, so she can tell lovage from hyssop at a hundred paces, and knows no greater pleasure than sharing local food with friends. She's all elegance, with not a hint of garden under her fingernails, and you'll meet her at our Spring Dinner in May.

Lovage. Delightful as a soup


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