We had an astonishing morning with the second grade from Woodside Elementary. It was bright and a little cold, the babies were sunbathing against the barn, the mothers were out on the pasture, and the tour went as usual, until we came to the loafing barn.

Woodside Elementary at Harley Farms

An idyllic April morning

The most complete nest we've found on the farm

Goats generally tear their nests apart after giving birth, both to eat and to cover their newborns, but a first-time mother had been disturbed before she could destroy her nest. This is the first time we've ever seen such a relatively intact nest in the barn, and it was a lucky coincidence that we had the second-graders on the farm this very morning. There was a clutch of eggs, some with their prototype horns visible (these are the males). We were able to take small groups of children up close, although vibrations could disturb the hatching eggs. We'll keep an eye on them throughout the day, because the errant mother is unlikely to return now that we've discovered her nest. Hopefully, some of the eggs will hatch in the warmth of the afternoon sun. One of the children thought he saw some movement, so fingers crossed for baby goats today!!

You can see the tiny horns on the egg to the right


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