We are immensely touched by the response to our call for a shepherd. Engineers, teachers, a professional cyclist, several chefs, many musicians, and, most enchantingly, a poet were among those of you who were interested in weeding goats. Many of you declared your love of animals, others pointed out that their experience herding children would certainly help with goats. Chefs were intrigued by the position, but only goats will be doing the eating. There would be time to compose, but your music might have to play second fiddle to wandering weed-eaters..

The Harley Herd shepherd will run the weeding flock as a separate business within our dairy business, generating their own income. We will trial the weedbusting this year, and add retiring milking goats next year.

Thank you to everybody who was interested. We're sorry not to interview all the exceptional people who applied, but welcome you to the farm soon.


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