We've written about our dream of a Harley Herd of weedbusting goats. Your weeds are their lunch. Goats prefer blackberry bushes, Canada thistle, poison oak and even poison hemlock to their usual pasture grasses, making them a natural part of land management. Now we're looking for the extraordinarily patient individual who'll manage the Harley Herd.

You'll have a basic understanding of the botany of both weeds and desirable plants, so that you'll know when to introduce the herd. You'll have empathy with the goat hierachies: control the boss goat and thus the herd. Work with the herd dog. You'll decide how many goats to introduce, and how you'll keep them on the property. Optimal land management involves seasonal or annual control: you'll seek public and private land contracts, keep detailed records of projects, and make pricing decisions. And you'll have the patience of a shepherd!

You'll work with Harley Farms, county Sustainable Business of the Year. We seek integrity and commitment to community, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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