Kids are being born as you read this very blog. We will turn on our milking machine for the 1st time on Monday kicking off our cheese making year. The rain brought the mud but all our goats are comfortable and cozy in their birth ing barn taking time to enjoy grain treats and new babies. To date we have had 20 sets of triplets,far more than we have had in the past. We would like to attribute this to our new buck, RED. Although, science states that it is actually the doe that determines how many kids she will birth at a time. We will be featured in the weekend edition of the New York Times business section. Funny place for an article about a goat farm eh?! You might want to log on to their web site to hear the online audio interview with me together with a slide show. I look forward to your questions and comments and will try to answer them forthwith. A couple of exciting things which I look forward to talking about in next weeks blog are the new Chicken Tractor and our Master Cheese Classes coming this summer.I must be off now to tend to the babies. No rest for the goatherd!


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