We won blue ribbons for our Fromage Blanc and our Van Goat, second place for our Fromage Blanc Garlic Herb, Ricotta and Chevre in Oil, and one third place in the Farmstead division for our signature Monet at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference and Awards. We are thrilled to be awarded these prestigious honors by our peers and it underlines that our cheese is the best! Alas, I was not present to receive the awards as my son, Ben, was part of a successful baseball team and we had to stay home to attend the games and to cheer him on. Our friend Jim Boyce from Marin French Cheese gracefully accepted them for us. My childhood friends came in for a two week flying visit from the UK to help us get our cheese shop on its feet, and what a grand job they've done. You should see it! All the original 1910 beams are now exposed filling the room with the glow of times past. We are so grateful to them for their expertise and energy. We are having a mini Monet give away in the shop to unsuspecting customers over this weekend to celebrate our achievements.


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