Thank you all for the interest and questions! No, Ben didn't win his game, but he played really well and the team had a great season. The farm too has had a wonderful year. Several visitors have asked what the American Cheese Society awards mean to us, since we've been recognized each of the nine years Harley Farms has entered cheese in this national competition. I'd say that this year, more than ever, we're incredibly excited and grateful to have won six awards for the 11 cheeses that we entered. We saw over 1200 entries for cheeses this year, from all over the United States. There's been an explosion of interest in food over the past three years, with the popularity of the Food Channel, and markets such as Wholefoods, and, in particular, farmers' markets. Did you know that Google hosts a farmers' market for its employees every week? We're going to visit them - with a goat! - this month. I'll let you know how that goes!


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