Mandy in Tony's pen

Just after Thanksgiving, we said goodbye to Tony, who'd been here for a month. Tony is a neighbor of my parents in Yorkshire, and, last May, very kindly offered his house to Pescadero ladies when we flew over in a group to surprise my mother on her seventieth birthday. Some of the friends hadn't been to Europe before, and Tony hadn't been to the United States, so he came to try it out! While he was here, Tony built a pen for visitors to pet the baby goats, not to mention painting, and fixing, and generally making things better. He had words of advice on our business, and, on antique-hunting trips, found some of the gorgeous old milkcans you see in our shop. I have to say, I envy celebrities not for their lovely glowing faces, red carpet gowns and babies with Brad Pitt, but for their assistants with clipboards. The sheer joy of being accompanied by somebody who makes things happen is one of the best feelings in the world. We didn't work him to the bone he was allowed off the farm occasionally! - and everybody enjoyed entertaining him, not least the ladies who stayed with him in Yorkshire! We're missing him - and all those expertly-made cups of tea - and look forward to seeing Tony again soon.


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