When you see a whirlwind of a woman strip and paint the Little League snack shack, and whip up home-made quesadillas, brownies, real coffee, and other snacks so delicious that even the owners of the famous local restaurant get in line, you can either feel idly sorry for her potential daughter-in-law, or hire her, quickly.

Looking back, we started to lure Maggie Foard to the farm about five years ago. Maggie's son was in the local school's production of Aladdin, and we'd loaned a week-old baby goat for the market-scene. Maggie ' always up for a challenge ' couldn't resist taking home the goat, named Aladdin, naturally, and we kept in touch. Maggie has gone on to write a book of goat cheese recipes (published later this year), and is now our resident chef.

Our Fromage Fancies, new this February, are Maggie's creation. They're a moreish truffle of chevre and chocolate, and we've sold out in the shop both weekends. Give Maggie time, and we'll have a line outside Harley Farms to beat that snack shack!


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