Thank you to all our visitors who've admired the chicken tractors. Our hens are comfortable and our Alpine goats love the climbing in our flat fields. They were the inspired design of our long-time friend TFB, but built by two German Journeymen. We wrote about this at the time, but it's such a serendipitous story we'll tell it again. Our photographer, Paolo, picked up two oddball hitchhikers on his way to drop off some photos at the farm. At first sight we thought they might be mariachi men, but they were actually apprentice carpenters traveling through Canada down the west coast into Mexico with little more than their tools, although those had been confiscated at the US/Canadian customs. Journeymen spend at least two years practicing their trade, paid by the day, and these were the traveling sort. Well, they stayed for two weeks, borrowed some tools, built our excellent prototype chicken tractor, and went on their way to Mexico. We'd love to know where they stopped off next. Did they build more chicken houses? Let us know.


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