I arrived in the US for the first time as a teenage camp councilor. I'd flown into Seattle, to work at the YMCA camps on the San Juan Islands, and on the bus to camp was Teri, now my oldest friend in the US. Friends you met as a teenager are especially relaxing friends. Teri's family became my family away from home, and for the next several years I always traveled into the US through Seattle so that I could be welcomed by my adoptive American family. Teri drew our original goat logo for Harley Farms, and she is working on more line drawings for our website, to make it both more gorgeous and easier to use. We will use just Teri's original jumpy goat as our logo. I've been more than lucky to have met so many people who've contributed to Harley Farms as friends, or indeed as random visitors like the Journeymen.


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