There are always highs and lows on the farm. For all the death of beloved pets, slow cash flow, or broken milking machines, there's the dawn over the pastures, the magnificent staff, and the awards. The awards, though, are not the greatest thrill. We are humbly thrilled to win awards for the cheese, but cheese is just part of what we do, and building the farm itself makes me happiest of all. We have used state grants to help with fencing, seeding, creek bank renovation, parking lot work, and manure hauling, but this summer began our biggest grant-aided project: water tanks. It doesn't sound momentous, but this is a huge step forward for the quality and sustainability of our water. In the past, we used the well for our house, the dairy, the farm labor housing unit, the goats (we had 350 animals at one point), and a small parched garden! Now, the tanks will collect rain water from all the roofs on the farm, for the goats and part of the garden. We can recycle the well water going through the dairy. And next year we will dig an irrigation well for the pastures, with state of the art efficient sprinkler heads.

After last weekend's rain, we have 10,000 gallons of water in the tanks!

Thank you to Tim Frahm of the San Mateo County Farm Bureau,
who encouraged us to apply for this grant!


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