"Bart was the highlight"

"My sister and I were just talking about Bart"

"We have... stories about Bart... during our commuting time"

"He will be remembered forever in that painting... about him conducting the farm"

Thank you to everybody who wrote or came to our memorial for Bart, our iconic llama, who died in the first week of January aged about 28 years. We name only a few animals. We are farmers, not pet owners. Animals are born and animals die every year on the farm. Bart was nonetheless a legend for our family and countless visitors, with his evident pleasure in guarding the baby goats, his occasional close-up-and-personal inspection of somebody with scented shampoo, and his unforgettable teeth!

Friends brought photographs and laughed at our slideshow of Bart moments. We were gently serenaded by Mike McCall and soothed into reflection with the debut performance of the Harley Farmonica Band. Our magnificent cook produced lunch (and thank you to those who brought dishes with them). We scattered grass seed over the Heart of Bart, his resting place in the pasture overseeing the babies. Goodbyes are an opportunity for happy memories, for gentle thought outside the rush of life.

Straw Heart of Bart

Bart and his farm


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