We are so pleased to have already sold many of our 2011 Farm Dinners, praised by Sunset Magazine as one of their top three farm dinner choices. We have to thank our magnificent cook, Joe, and his team, whose efforts are superlative. The sound of energetic hand-whipping of a dreamy pumpkin mousse drifted out from the kitchen for several minutes as I watered the garden last week.

We also have to thank my husband. He and sister Kathy are the fourth generation to work in our local family restaurant. My father-in-law governs the restaurant's huge, well-ordered vegetable garden; my husband hadn't gardened seriously until this summer, when his bad back kept him awake at nights. He spent those wakeful, moon-lit nights with our own vegetables, and they blossomed.

The heritage. Pescadero's finest vegetable garden, with rhubarb in the foreground

We have had beans, carrots, beets, squash, lettuces, leafy greens and herbs like never before. The farm kitchen cooks almost every weekend, sometimes for large private parties, and for all our Farm Dinners, but will not run out of just-picked vegetables, raised on the "black gold" of our pasture soil and well-rotted goat manure.


Our farm green beans


I am from Yorkshire, where we have the National Vegetable Society, which advances "the culture, study and improvement of vegetables". We grow monster veg, and compete at horticultural shows for the biggest parsnip in town. My husband grew up with food and vegetable gardening, and it's all about flavor for him. We leave the monster bragging to the pumpkin growers! Check out our Farm Dinner dates, and come and taste our farm vegetables next year.


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