Yum. Lime and pistachio cheesecake, coming to the farm very soon.

Just out of the oven. You can't have any yet!

Just recently, a beautiful, vibrant woman introduced herself to us at the weekend. Kathleen has the enviable poise and tone that you might expect from her twenty-five years of professional dancing. She doesn't dance now; she makes goat milk cheesecakes for her dessert company in Healdsburg, Ca. But this isn't a straightforward story of another food-loving entrepreneur. Kathleen can't tell you her story because out of the blue, at the apogee of her dancing career, she contracted meningoencephalitis, and lost full speech. Twenty years later, she brings you Speechless Cakes.

Speechless cakes in our farm kitchen

Kathleen came over last week to make some cheesecake in the farm kitchen, using our cheese. We lingered over the lime-flecked batter and chilled pistachio crumbs, and oooh-ed over the goat stencilled dusting of sugar on top. You too can keep your dancer's body, given the healthier fat content of goat cheese compared with cream cheese, and Kathleen's subtle hand with sugar. These were farm treats snaffled up by staff, but the real thing comes to our shop very soon!

 Pre-order a Christmas cheesecake at our Christmas Faire, December 11 and 12!


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