Just another February week, beginning in sunshine and ending in snow at the coast! We have over ninety of Elvis's babies; there are only 15 more pregnant older goats. The younger goats will give birth later on in spring.

Baby girls leave for our nursery annex, where Annie is hand-rearing the fifty girls already born this spring

Our annex is private, so that Annie has the peace and rigorous routine necessary to keep an eye on each baby

Osa must sniff each new, unsteady arrival at the annex

Four-star accommodation with extra blankets for newborns

The oldest babies are drinking formula, which means we have fresh milk

Fresh milk means fresh goat milk ricotta

Rebecca makes the first batch of our highly anticipated 2011 ricotta

Life and death on the farm. Our accountant and her family buried Napa, their cat of 15 years, in the garden

And we welcomed our new mousers in the barn



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