We encourage plane-loads of British visitors because they work for their supper. My father and Tony build the extra projects around the farm that are so hard to begin otherwise, like Tony's Pen. My mother, of course, executes peerless laundry and organization inside the house. Rachel and Chloe were cheerful behind the shop till in summer. Andrew and Griff designed our shop, and will return this spring to direct a small expansion. But we allowed the first of our 2011 visitors to merely relax, because we're generous like that when you're over 80! Brian, who is a friend of my parents, an ex-geography teacher fond of long walks, pub quizzes and the occasional glass of wine, was last here ten years ago. This visit, he fetched fish from the harbor with my father-in-law, toured classic San Francisco diners with Three-Fingered Bil, and strolled in the marsh and ate olallieberry pie in the bar with local tree-grower Chris. Our highlight was Sunday night's quiz party in the hay loft, with sumptuous dinner and four quiz teams, some of whom played by the rules and some of whom may have been cheating. Still, it was a pleasure to have Brian in Pescadero and we hope he had a good time!

We opened our first farm shop at Level Lea Farm barn, on the road into town. This week we removed our original painted sign from the barn and brought it back to the farm. It's a poignant reminder of all the hurdles we've jumped to grow our business from a handful of goats and a roadside pitstop, to our gloriously healthy herds of milking goats, farm shop, farm tours and farm dinners that we enjoy today.


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