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Tour the Farm

You are welcome to visit without booking a tour.

Harley Farms is open for farm tours and events in our atmospheric restored hayloft and larger private barns. Tours feature our goats with their guardian llamas out in their pasture and inside their loafing barn and milking parlor. Bring farm-ready footwear and be prepared to be nibbled!

Please contact us to reserve private tours and dinners, corporate events and school visits.

The Cheese Shop at the dairy features our award-winning ricotta, feta, chevre and fromage blanc cheeses, with jellies, jams, spices and herb oils from the farm kitchen. There are local farm eggs and jars of our honey, pottery and hand-carved cheese knives, and plenty of souvenir farm clothing.

Tours take two hours. Limited parking; no pets on the farm.

Visit Any Time
We encourage your unscheduled visits with the family. Enjoy wandering the main farm corral to watch the babies in kidding season, and check out our edible flower gardens and hayloft. There are picnic tables in the field near the donkey pen, with plenty of space for your frisky small companions.

Weekend Tours
Saturday and Sunday at 11am, and Friday at 1pm; $25 per person. Tours offer more background on dairy farming and the history of Harley Farms, and we don't recommend them for young children (we welcome your little companions on unscheduled trips, and will have two pens with baby goats for you to visit in kidding season). Sunday tours are adult-only, with more time for questions and discussion.

School Groups
Thursdays only. Tour features our goat herd with their guardian llamas in the pasture, loafing barn and milking parlor. We are happy to organize tours for two classes on the same day, but not concurrently. $500 for 25 people including chaperones, or $25/person to a maximum of 30 people. We are sorry not to offer your group cheese - but please take advantage of our picnic tables

Private Tours
We are delighted to organize your private tour of the farm, visiting the edible garden, goat pasture, loafing barn and milking parlor. $500 for parties up to 20 people during the week, or $600 for a 1pm tour on Saturday or Sunday. $25/extra person to a maximum of 25 people.


Please book school tours well in advance: events@harleyfarms.com


What Can I Do If I'm Not With A Tour Group?
We are open Thursday-Monday 10am-5pm most of the year, and Friday-Sunday 11am-4pm in January and February. Visitors are welcome to stroll into the farm to see goats and llamas in our paddocks and pasture. In the spring, we usually have a group of lively babies in Tony's Pen. Don't miss the hayloft, where you'll see our magnificent fir table and carved folk chairs for hosting parties and farm dinners. Taste our award-winning ricotta, feta, chevre and fromage blanc cheeses, and take home a souvenir from our chic line of goat milk soaps and lotions.

Need to cancel?
Tour bookings are non-refundable but please do transfer your tickets to friends and family. Let us know their details, and we hope you'll join us another time.

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Dinner at the Dairy

Saturday, February 18
Dinner at the Dairy

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